Basic about COVID-19 , India 2020

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Basic about COVID-19 , India 2020

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India’s Fight against COVID-19

We all know about how the COVID-19 is shaping the future, and it seems very bleak. The Virus has reinforced adopting a much cleaner lifestyle. It has made this busy world to shut behind their doors. The Virus is known to survive for a considerable period, and we shall take a look at some of the vital data about this ravaging disease

The Corona Virus is caused due to the extreme levels of cold and senior respiratory infections in the human body. The recent information about this disease was given by the World Health Organization, and it has declared to be a pandemic.

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But have the measures been successful?

Despite the steps taken by the Government of India and the respective state governments, the disease is spreading on a rapid pace. This is due to the incompetence of the citizens to adhere by the rules.

India is completely in the wrong side as more than 9000 cases have been confirmed so far. Statistics show numbers as close to 900 people have recovered from the disease. But 324 people have died and the state of the nation is lingering in the work of dedicated physicians.

The country has shown an enormous spirit in the wake of this disease and it will surely lead to eradication one day
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